Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Procrastination 101

AS IN, *doing* OTHER Stuff...such as:

  • Start on a DIFFERENT "Blanket" Project!
  • Pack that Package I've promised to send off Tomorrow...
  • WOW! Look at all those SPLIT ENDS! Where are My Scissors?
  • Catch up on My "Reading".
  • MUST Buy certain Stock - last Ex-Dividend Day of the Year!
  • Be THANKFUL, that I DON'T Live ANYWHERE on the EAST COAST right Now!
  • Catch up on My "Reading"...
  • Change the Toilet Paper Roll.
  • Hmm.. perhaps the Package can WAIT until Thursday..?

...Instead, of LOOKING for That *needed* YARN, so that I can BEGIN Working on LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED's Blanket! -- And, oh yeah... Come UP with a BLOOG *Subject* for TODAY!!


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