Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Decor" Mag Day again!

P. 11 - Once again, all the *really* COOL "Decor" is IN the ADVERTS! If I were a Giraffe Collector, THIS would be THE Lamp to have!
P. 23 - Oooo! Checkout that awesome Collection of WOODEN BOXES - most are TEA CADDIES. I love These...

P. 32 - PET-PEEVE MOMENT!! The rather handy little NEOPRENE "Fiber" BASKETS. Clearly,
to look at Them, One CAN tell that They are CROCHETED!!  ...Yet... The "Caption" describes Them as "..Trendy cable-knit-style woven baskets.."!! -- I wish that some of the People who write the "Copy" for these Magazines would tear Themselves away from whatever else They shouldn't be doing and actually LOOK at the Stuff They are writing ABOUT! Seriously, how many Trend-Setting Brain Cells does it take to SEE that an Item - which is filling up almost a third of the Page
- you are writing about, is neither KNITTED or WOVEN?! - REGARDLESS of *whatever* the Source INFO "says"! -- As for the "Cable" part, The Writer was likely referring to the form of the Neoprene Fiber - at least, I hope so. As, it isn't a "Cable-knit", either! -- And, BTW, *where* is The COPY EDITOR, who *should* have caught this?!

P. 46-50 - Great Green Pear [Jonathan Adler]. Super Lamps and Tables.
P. 54/56 - Alrighty! Now, We're talking LAMPS! I'm pretty much loving every one of These Ceiling Lighting Fixtures.
P. 62-66 - I suppose, I could put up with most of the "Trends" here... Actually, I think I've been living with bits and pieces of all of Them *already*!
P. 78-83 - Wonderful Skylights. Cute Scallop SCONCES in the Library.
P. 120 - Cool! I've never seen Those - Joe Colombo Smoke Glasses. Ah. So that's what that Wooden "Thing" is for... - a Salad Bowl Base sans Bowl..


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