Thursday, December 9, 2010

"ORIGINALS" - Part 1 - a TINGLEBERRYing...

HEY! What's that Bright, Shiny, Glow-y THING frozen-stuck to the SKY?!

Day One of "The 36th ORIGINALS" OTTAWA CHRISTMAS CRAFT SALE. Runs until the 19th over at LANSDOWNE PARK. Considering the Holiday-Weekday-Traffic, the future "predicted" Weather, and Our "play-it-by-ear" Schedules, Today was the most opportune Day to do This.

Hmm...that's weird...hardly ANY Traffic...

After running a quick errand, We arrived before 1pm... Decided to start with the LAST ROW of VENDORS - the FOOD Section is usually Back There...

Overall, mostly Familiar Faces, and several intriguing New Ones. Lots of HEADGEAR and lots of BAGS... Oh, and Look!! What do a couple of My "Featured" Vendors *sell*..??

Okay, first, a little "Heads-up" - I'm going to be SPLITTING up Our Adventure over a couple of BLOOG Posts. I need the Time to DO a few "Things" Tonight... Don't worry, there's a Pic!


TINGLEBERRY TOQUES - MARK was the First rather delightful and engaging "Crafter" that We chatted up! The Photo really doesn't do These absolutely *FUN* HATS any Justice! MARK KNITS Them all up with a variety of unique embellishments with PERUVIAN HIGHLAND WOOL, then FELTS
Them. They all have a POLAR FLEECE Lining too.

CHECK His WebSite out:

These HATS look Great on EVERYONE!

Next up, it was the FOOD SAMPLES... Fewer Vendors than in previous Years, but still Tasty, nevertheless! This Year's "PICK" for Me - SUN SWEET CATERING from London, Ontario. I'll bet They're glad to be missing the SNOW at Home! [That AREA had well over a *Meter* over 2 Days!! last Weekend]

Anyway, They do GREEK DIPS and SPREADS... Have a fabulous "Garlic" Spread... Yumm! However, *what* got My Vote - CHOCOLATE Hummus!! - Seriously, Who KNEW?! Personally, I'm really *not* a "huge" Hummus Fan, per se... But THIS...? -- It was Different. It was GOOD! And, of course, CHOCOLATE! Enough, said.

And, enough FOR Today... "PART 2" Tomorrow...


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