Friday, December 17, 2010

I Really DO *Need* To Get Some CROCHETING Done!!


So, gonna keep THIS short. Or, at least "TRY"! ha! ha!

  • Mostly, a SUNNY Day!
  • Didn't Shovel! But FATHER did for a few minutes, when He went to do some Car "stuff"... I *was* going to do it...
  • Returned to the ORIGINALS CRAFT SHOW.
  • Met a few more Talented and Awesome ARTISANS! There'll be more about all THAT, Tomorrow and/or on Sunday - with PICS, too.
  • A visit to THE MALL. There was a "slight" Sale on My "Regular" YARN... Only bought a couple of BIG BALLS in the BLUE & WHITE Mix. I was running low...

Oh! And check out WHAT MOTHER bought for Me at the Craft Show! A little RUSSIAN RHINO Ornament! Granted, it was somewhat of a tad on the expensive side... but, I didn't have One.. And, He was looking kinda lonesome on that Tree, just begging for Me to give Him a Good Home amongst the OTHER *Hundreds* of Rhinos that I have! -- Meanwhile, I think I may have made the Elderly-Russian-Lady-Sitting-In-The-Corner's Day, when I thanked Her IN Russian! [One of about only 4 Words that I actually *know*!]


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