Friday, December 31, 2010


AND, if We can ALL *ignore* Our various bits of NASTY Weather, Natural Disasters, Higher Taxes, Losing Lottery Numbers, the Regular-Annoying-Minutia-of-Life-in-General, and OH, *any* Ginormous-Honking-Chunk-of-Celestial-Crap smacking THE PLANET...  then, We SHOULD be "GOOD"!

BTW, did I mention that My INCOME TAX FORM came in the MAIL Yesterday, and that I DIDN'T Win anything on Tonight's BIG LOTTERY Draw ...!!? -- Just an Observation...

However, THE CAR does now have a Swiffing-NEW WIPER BLADE!! WooHoo!


Myself and THE "BABIES" and The Rest of THE KIDS *HOPE* that ALL of YOU have a *JOYOUS* and SAFE NEW YEAR!!   **HUGS!!**


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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR dear hope your hooking goes well hehe hugs tinkx


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