Sunday, January 23, 2011

BIR-R-RR-RRCH...It's *COLD* Out!

SO glad that I'm NOT *out* Shovelling Today! Not that I can't handle this kind of COLD -
Years ago, I used to WALK a MILE to Work in -40 Windchills! Of course, the 15-pound Long-Haired BEAVER Hooded-Long COAT was a "help"! ...But, My Cheeks would run the risk of a bit of Frost-Burn... And then, once INSIDE My Glasses would FOG...

...ahhh...good times...good times....

Anyway... I *stayed* INDOORS! Vegged... did some Cybering, some Reading, more Reading... *TRIED* to come up with "SOMETHING" to BLOOG about! ...And, right now, I've got absolutely
NOTHING riveting to "reveal"! So, why don't You ALL wrap Your Retinas on THIS, and I'm gonna return to My READING!



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