Saturday, January 22, 2011


WHEN SUDDENLY.... uhh... Squall Snow?!! -- what's THAT about?

..whatever... Thankfully, it was sporadic and that dry little beady stuff. A few whisks with the Snow Brush and We were good.

This was the FIRST Saturday in Weeks, that We've had to go out and *do* Our "Thing" - despite the Minus-20-Something [C] Temps. The Sun *was* "out" WHEN We left...

Top of Our Location List - BEACON HILL MALL. With, a Post Office stop for Me. Butcher Shop for MOTHER. SALLY ANN for Us both! It's been a while... Which was where, I found THIS Beautiful Bit of FABRIC by P.KAUFMANN!

Three Meters worth for $4.99! Although it doesn't say, I thought that it was all COTTON, perhaps with a touch of LINEN..? As, it's really thick and good Quality. But, I've been doing a touch of
"Research" and found some with an IVORY Background - IT was listed as being ALL LINEN! This Background is actually more of a dark OLIVE-TOBACCO-BROWN. I had to tweak the Colours here a little. It's MUCH nicer "in person"!

And, would have been beyond "perfect", if those Elephants had been RHINOS! However, this does have a pleasing Aesthetic to it, so I really don't mind too much. I *do* have Stuff that will *go* with it!

Like... My Antique "Church Bazaar Find" DUNCAN PHYFE Style Mahogany 2-Tier TABLE, perhaps...?

I'm thinking, a little "TEA Drinking Area"... A couple of CANE Chairs. The FABRIC would go well on a TRIPTYCH SCREEN. Toss in a few ORCHIDS. Some Classic 19th Century Reading Material...

Anyway... staying in-keeping with that sort of EAST ASIAN "Theme", We came across some unique looking Fruit at Our next Grocery Stop. And, of course, this is the ONE Time that MOTHER forgets to bring Her Camera! -- It was PITAHAYA [DRAGON FRUIT] from VIETNAM and most of them looked like weird FISH! They were really kinda Cool!

Speaking of "Cool" - that's WHEN the "Light Flurries" started... And, was Our Cue to head for WALMART.

Why IS it, that WHENever the Weather turns "crappy", EVERYONE and Their Family-Infested-SUV are "Shopping" WHERE We ARE?! ...just saying...

Didn't buy any YARN There... Just, topped off My JUICE Supply. Then, headed to THE MALL in a Homeward direction...

Still NO new FACTORY ENDS YARN yet... Although, there WAS this Discount Thing going on IF You use Their Charge Card... MOTHER picked up some On-Sale Yarn, and I grabbed a Big Ball of what I call "BARN". It was an Off-Shade Dye-Lot one... I'll have to use IT on Something "Special". Afterall, IT is My First "Purchased" BALL of The Year!

NUTS!! -- I just "remembered"... I could have used that GIFT CARD I have! ..ggrrrrr...


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