Friday, January 21, 2011

Cold Snap Coming....

ONLY had a little bit of SNOW to do in the lovely, yet FRIGID Sunlight, but it had to be taken care of. Otherwise, I'd be dealing with a bunch of Frozen Footprints littering My Laneway once the "predicted" COLD FRONT moves in! -- They take FOREVER to MELT!

Anyway, not much else "happening" around HERE! Just the same old "stuff"... Shoveling, Cyber-Surfing, Laundry, catching up on some Reading...

Soooo.... in order to keep You ALL from getting just as Bored, here's a Cool Pic that MOTHER took Last Friday as She was coming out of a Mall... The Building is a Cinema Complex. It was a pretty Cold Day then, too. I think They call IT a "Solar Pillar"...? -- WICKED, huh?!


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