Friday, January 28, 2011

Versing With VAMPS!

The GOOD News - I *didn't* have to Shovel!! It was WARM out as well!

The BAD News - Little bitty Snow beads were occasionally blowing around... And, it was Cloudy out.

The GREAT News - That BOOK I pre-ordered Last Week came in, 4 Days *BEFORE* the RELEASE DATE!! -- More on IT further Down...

So, despite the bits of WHITE falling from the GREY Skies and, since it was WARMER, I decided to change up My "Exercise" Routine for a SHOP-ABOUT... Seeing as The BOOK was in! And, I didn't have the opportunity to "check out" THE MALL Yesterday. Also, the ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS had *other* Plans for The CAR.

Along the SHOP-FARI Route, a quick Non-Purchase-Perusal of FUTURE SHOP. Then, through the Parking Lots to the big CHAPTERS-INDIGO Bookstore. Stayed long enough to Pick-Up The BOOK and, onward to THE MALL....

Still, *NO* new FACTORY ENDS! aarrrggghhhhh!

Did a buzz through of the Pharmacy - I had a recently acquired a "Points Redemption" GIFT CARD.. Stocked up on the "On SALE" VITAMIN D [..the only Thing keeping Me sane, I think..?] and, some new Sticks of BONNIE BELL LIP SMACKER. I've been using this Stuff for over 40 Years now! Love it! -- They have a new GUAVA Flavour... Oooo, one of My FAV Impossible-To-Find-Up-Here Fruits! Can't wait to TRY it out!

Worked My way up to the Grocery Store... Got My LOTTERY Tickets -- Oh! WON a few $$ Tonight again on Them! WOOHOO!

In the Housewares Section, There's this "MARK DOWN" Bin... One of MOTHER's FAV locations in There -- Actually, We have gotten quite a few GREAT Deals on that Stuff over the Years. Anyway, Today, it was mostly JUNK... With the Exception, of a couple of "Out-of-Package" KING SIZE, 100% CottonMATELASSE QUILTS [with 2 Large Pillow Shams] for under $20.!!

At THAT Price, NOT passing it up! Grabbed ONE! Then, just as I was about to call MOTHER, She calls Me! -- They were finished with Their Other Errands and were going to pick Me up...
Ah, TIMING, gotta LOVE it!!

Okay. THE BOOK...

The "official" Release Date is THIS coming Tuesday - February 1st... However, since I pre-ordered IT for Delivery to The Store, IT turned out to be available SOONER! -- HAPPY DANCE!!

                                                                     TITAN BOOKS - ISBN: 9781848568556

What the former TV Series "MOONLIGHT" was based upon. One of the earlier and BETTER of the
"VAMPIRE" Genre Shows that are the Viewing Trend these Days...

It's essentially a DETECTIVE MYSTERY Story with a VAMPIRIC twist... A Book for ADULTS! As it has a lot of "Language" and "MATURE Subject Matter". Very "Noir".... If the Main Character owned a DVD Player, He'd probably have the entire Collection of "DEXTER"! The Novel's Prologue reads like a TEASER from that Show!

It took Me a little over 4 Hours to NOT PUT IT DOWN! The Narrative brought back memories of reading DASHIELL HAMMETT... But, with more of the In-Your-Face-Reality-Check of THIS Century. I can't wait to HEAR an AUDIOBOOK Version of This!

Not to mention, READ the NEXT BOOK!!


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  1. Have you read any of the Dexter books? Which the show is based on? Very dark, but well written. I recommend :)


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