Thursday, January 20, 2011

"MAG" Day Mail in the "MAUVE LIGHT"!


It at least, offsets the Charge Card Bill and Financial Statements! So, let's skip Them and go straight to...

COUNTRY LIVING - February 2011

  • P. 17 - CAMEO CANDIES! Ooooo, SWEET!!
  • P. 29-30 - LACE - *not* easy to do! People should appreciate it More.
  • P. 36 - Great Pedestal TABLES. Makes Me love My Antique 2-Tier "Duncan Phyfe"-styled Mahogany Church-Sale one even more!
  • P. 41-43 - I love these CHATELAINE Pieces. Worth their weight!
  • P. 64 - Cute Idea with the "Yarn" Pom-Pom FLOWERS. And, what to DO with those old Paint Colour Strips...
  • P. 68 - You know, Back-In-The-Day... We used to make "Forts" out of a Bedspread draped over the back of a Sofa and few Chairs. *Now*, it appears, "convincing" an Adult-Unit to attach Faux-decorated Roller-Blinds under some heavy Wooden TABLE is The IN Thing!
  • P. 74-75 - Ahhh... Cool STUFF!!
  • P. 95-103 - Much, *much* WHITE... And, yes.. another "Something" that I sort of "Collect" - mostly in IVORY and CreamWare... Love that Turret WINDOW! And, those Fireplace Glass-Door Curio Cabinets. Wonderful Knitted THROW and PILLOWS!
  • P. 112-117 - A rather quaint CHALET... An interesting Idea with hanging all of that Snow Gear on the Wall. However, having it OVER the Bed, is probably *not* the Safest Thing to do..? Otherwise, the eclectic mix of Antiques, Folk-Art, Mid-Century "Mountain Kitsch" [the Scenic Paint-By-Numbers actually do come together well!], and Modern, does surprisingly work in producing a very Cozy "Get-Away" Place.
  • P. 125 - HUNGRY!!
  • P. 126-131 - If I only had That SPACE for *My* STUFF!!


BTW, here's a Pic [SEE 02JAN2011 for more] of This Year's First BLANKET - "MAUVE LIGHT" - done in PALE YELLOW and LAVEN-YELL, with LAVENDER Trim.


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  1. i went shopping to get two buttons and ended up with three balls sock yarn, didnt buy noro though that was £14 a ball!!!! hugs tinkx


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