Thursday, April 14, 2011


HE *still* Looks at HER like That!!

PROBABLY, The SMARTEST Thing that My FATHER *ever* did as a Teenager, was to SAIL into The SUNSET...

...After a Week across The ATLANTIC in a tiny crowded Cabin, landing in a Dreary-looking HALIFAX, and wanting to immediately TURN BACK!! Then, an uncomfortable long Train Ride to OTTAWA, and after 2 ARDUOUS Years of working with His Brother-In-Law's Family, He **MET** MOTHER!

On HER Birthday....

The *REST*, as They say, "..IS KISMET.."! And, after well *over* a Half-Century LATER, IT *still* IS!

In the Meantime, whilst FATHER "played" with His INCOME TAXES - [I *still* have to do Mine, too! ugh!] - I took MOTHER to see the "ORIGINALS" SPRING CRAFT SHOW... It's on until Sunday.

I'll be BLOOGING about Our Adventures THERE, over the NEXT few Days... I'll have some PICS. We had a great Time meeting several *New* Exhibitors, and reuniting with a few of the Regulars...

OH! And, I *did* manage to FINISH Yesterday's Little Project! -- SEE!!

IT's an "extension" of My MOA-BOA Design...
For *Now*, I'm calling IT a "MOA-BO-ALOHA"! -- Product "Naming" can really be a *pain*!

Anyhoo... I wore IT Today. "Field-Testing"... Got some Good FEEDBACK. I think that I'll most probably ADD IT to My PRODUCT LINE...



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  1. Happy Anniversary to your mum and dad hugs to them both, i love the momoaboa aloha lubbly colours too tinkx


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