Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wicked WIND From The WEST

"TIMING" really IS *Everything*! - Baby Bro's FAV "Saying". -- Personally, I'm more a Believer of the "..LIFE *sucks*! And then, You LIVE *Forever*!" School of THOUGHT...

Anyhoo... The FORECAST was for RAIN for most of the Morning, with Sporadic Periods in the Afternoon...

"WHAT" We *got*...
  • RAIN in the Early Morning.
  • Mid-Morning, slight Clearing with RISING *Humid* Temps.
  • The CAR Windows FOGGED up when I took IT out of the Garage!
  • The SUN was out between the Sweeping "Rain" Clouds.
  • The WIND was "Breezy"....
  • Managed to GET the "important" Green Lights on the Way to Our FAMILY Appointment.
  • An Hour Later, We *discovered* that it had RAINED whilst We were Inside!
  • Still Warm, still Sunny, less Clouds, getting BreeziER...
  • By the Time We get HOME, We're talking *WINDY*!
  • GUSTS...
  • And, after a short Lunch, ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS *have* to go OUT, again!?
  • The Clouds are coming back, but still Sunny.
  • Starting to Hear HOWLING Outside...? - Over the Sounds of the Washing Machine!
  • Having an OZ-ian Moment.
  • E.P.-U. eventually BLOW back.
  • And THEN, it *really* gets **GUSTY**!!
  • "Official" WIND STORM.
  • It quieted down by Suppertime. For the most part...
  • *WHY?* is EVIL-NEIGHBOUR'S TREE still Standing?!
  • ...Grrr! ...stu-pid Laneway Asphalt holding down the Roots..!
  • The Clouds returned.
  • BAROMETRIC PRESSURE Changes driving Me NUTS!
  • I a'm sooo Sleeping IN Tomorrow!


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