Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WELL!! It. Is. *About*. TIME!!

FINALLY. At least *ONE* of My COUNTRY LIVING Issues has arrived! - MAY. I'm **STILL** Waiting for the APRIL One!!

It was surprisingly SUNNY for "most" of the Day, along with 20C plus Temps! However, THUNDER STORMS are expected This Evening. And, of course - RAIN for Tomorrow! Which will be a PAIN as We have "Things" to DO!

BTW, We've ALREADY surpassed *ALL* of the "APRIL" Rainfall Records! With *more* to come...

Meanwhile, as Everyone succumbed to the Sudden Shock of Sunlight, I escaped the House long enough to do some Banking, obtain a Gift-From-The-PARKING-LOT-FAIRY-Primo-Parking-*SPOT*, did another quickie drop off at The POST OFFICE, and a flyby of the Nearby Grocery Store.

Thankfully, the TRAFFIC on the Roads and IN the Stores - *even* The BANK! - were at a MINIMUM!! -- Well, except for the couple of BUS LOADS of KIDS that were INVADING THE BIG MALL... And, being that it was "PENSION DAY", probably not so much of a "compatible" Mix?

-- Hyper-Carefree-TEENAGERS and The BEN-GAY-Not-in-a-HURry-Walker-Racers... Someone's going to end up taking an iPhone out!

- May 2011

P. COVER [p.99] - Love the Shade of BLUE going on. But mostly, the BLUE & WHITE TEAPOT and SAUCERS! - Which are difficult to make out in This Pic. However, LUCKY for You, I just happen to HAVE a Single PLATE in That PATTERN! Unfortunately though, IT's Packed away and I can't
Remember the Maker - only that IT was of FINE Quality and that I got IT [and Others] at a Yard Sale for 50 CENTS!!

P. 3 / 111 - Great looking WIRE CHAIRS! Especially the DOMED One!

P. 43 - Very Nifty "Cellular"-Shaped Wired BOWL. []

P. 44 - I just love the Glaze Colour of These EGG CUPS. []

P. 96[RIGHT]JADEITE! Love IT! But, I think MARTHA STEWART has bought it ALL!! Can't find Original Stuff ANYwhere, let alone for a Good Price!

P. 98 - [LEFT] - One can Never go "Wrong" with MAPS!

P. 106 - [RIGHT] - Wonderful QUILT. Super CHANDELIER. And, seriously Cute POLAR BEAR WALLPAPER.

P. 108 - [LEFT] - Excellent Placement USE of Book Shelving.

P. 117 - "JUMBO SHRIMP with BOK CHOY" - YUMM!! Even I could make THIS!

P. 120-121 - Despite This ROOM being in OREGON, IT's still very Beach Cottage!

P. 123 - And, Who can resist all of Those COOL CORALS?!


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