Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shop Surfing...

AND, catching a WAVERLY...

With the Temps feeling Warmer OUTSIDE than INSIDE, and The SUN shining Bright - I was in a TROPICAL Mood! Hence, My frivolously eclectic Purchases for Today...

We began with a Visit to the Beacon Hill Mall SALLY-ANN... Miraculously, I was able to skillfully NAVIGATE the oft-times "hidden" PERILS of the CRATER FIELD that is Their PARKING LOT!!

Honestly, THE MOON is SMOOTHER! -- And, looking at the DEPTH of *most* of the "Abysses",
THIS is NOT the Place to *be* when it Rains... Not unless, You're driving a Submersible All-Terrain Vehicle equipped with SONAR!

--The "LANDMASTER" used in the 1977 Post-Apocalyptic Cult-Classic Movie "DAMNATION ALLEY" comes to Mind... Which, I *have* actually seen, literally "in passing" - at the Time [a Decade ago], IT was parked in an open Garage along one of the Freeways in LOS ANGELES!

Anyway, so, where was I..? Ah, right... the SALLY ANN... Where, I came across THIS -

A Genuine "ALOHA" SHIRT!! Actually Made IN HAWAII. And, 100% Cotton, Coconut-Nut Buttons... Usually, They're always Polyester or Rayon. [shutter!] -- It just Fits. Granted, I'm not usually into wearing such "Festive" Attire, but, it IS SPRING! And, I was just in that sort of Mood... The afore-mentioned Geothermic-like Parking Lot helped with that!

Then, it was off to a Grocery Store, and Another - which had a Cancer Charity "HOT DOG" STAND, that I partook of *after* We had safely traversed Their LAVA-FIELD-Wannabe-LOT!

Finally, We concluded Our Expedition
at THE MALL... I snuck in "another" Package of CRAYZOLA.

Afterward, I picked up THIS from THE BIN at THE GROCERY STORE...

It's a DUVET Cover, with a couple of SHAMS in "ZEBRA" by WAVERLY. It was the 100% Cotton and $14.94 that caught My Attention... And, was in-keeping with the TROPICAL Theme for the Day!


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  1. Becca bought trev a shirt like that, and when he went to wear it the trees were upside down!!hehe and KT would love the zebra stuff shes into zebras hugsx tinkx


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