Thursday, April 21, 2011


HMM... *Funny*, isn't it? On how MOST of the Sole-Reigning QUEENS of ENGLAND end up LIVING for a *very* LONG TIME! -- Here's HOPING that SHE manages a couple of *more* DECADES!

I guess Living "WELL" and "FOREVER", really IS the "Best Revenge"! Huh? -- Just a little
"something" that's on the Top of My "TO-DO-WITH-MY-LIFE" LIST... Speaking of which...

THE GOOD NEWS - I actually WON *another* $7. Tonight! Wow. Second time This Week! I'm in Shock!

THE BAD NEWS - IF "They" had called one "certain" Number, I would have *WON* an additional $107.!!

HATE when THAT *doesn't* happen! ...All that potential YARN Money... And, here's Me with
FOUR "Empty" **FREE** "Earth Day" TOTE BAGS from THE MALL to store it ALL into, too!
...oh, well...

BTW, *WHAT* is with THE PLANET, anyway...? There were **SNOW** Pellets falling from the SKY earlier in the Day!! -- Don't make Me KEEP the SnowBRUSH in The CAR for another Month! Otherwise, AUNTIE will NOT be AMUSED!!


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