Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I *Hope* "THIS" COSTS Those IDIOTS Lots and LOTS of $$$$!!!!

WARNING! -- I'm in PEEVED-OFF Mode!!

The Brain-Trusts-NOT that "run" My "Bank" are &^%^#*$$%+^$^&^% IDIOTS!!

Seriously?! GUYS!? -- *When* You "decide" to CHANGE-OVER Your "Computer-System", there are
"certain" Little-Rules-To-FOLLOW...

  • 1 ) -- Do NOT do IT in DECEMBER, *before* The Holidays!! Or, JANUARY for that matter, when Everyone NEEDS to PAY Their Holiday Bills!
  • 2 ) -- Really, *Really*, ***REALLY*** make SURE that the Change WILL WORK!!
  • 3 ) -- Do NOT "Disconnect" Your OLD "Working-Just-FINE" System UNTIL the New One DOES WORK!!
  • 4 ) -- *EXPECT* the Absolutely-WORSE-CASE-SCENARIO TO **HAPPEN**!! - More than TWICE!
  • 5 ) -- Hire The BEST - not Cheapest - EXPERTS to do the Job. LISTEN to Them when They "say" that there "could" be a Problem...
  • 6 ) -- Get MANY "Phone-Lines" hooked-up to the HELP DESK, with Actual "TECHIES"-Standing-By, and *NOT* "Third-Party"-PR-Lackies!!

Oh, and be Prepared to LOSE at least, 30% of Your Clientele WHEN "IT"-**DOESN'T**-WORK-For-OVER-40-HOURS-**PAST**-The-SCHEDULED-TIME!!

..okay.. "RANT"-Switch *off*... For "now"! -- But, IF I can't ONLINE-BANK Tomorrow... IT *won't* be "pretty"...

ah.. just "great"! Now, I have a SORE THROAT..?! ..frak!!


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