Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Night At The BLOOG-Prov

I'VE HAD AN "EPIPHANY"! ...Sorta... maybe..? ...Or, perhaps, IT was just the Result of a Fatigued-Half-Asleep-Mind..??

Whatever... So, after a long Day of SOLO-SHOP-ABOUT, I was having a Semi-Nap earlier this Evening. Not "quite" Asleep, more "dozing"... The BRAIN was still churning away *DATA*
-- WHEN, "IT" came to Me!

    My Brain-Mind-Harddrive-Scary-Reality-Show is like a POPCORN-MACHINE!
      - [BTW, to be fair, My Stomach was Growling at the Time..] - AND, that Thoughts-Ideas-The-To-DO-Lists are like Kernels of Corn, just waiting for a $ecret Catalytic Ingredient to make Them POP OPEN and BOUNCE AROUND in a Confined Space! - Once DONE, They'll be Ready for Consumption...

    -- I mentioned the FATIGUED-LONG-Day-"Scary"-Brain PART, Yes..?

    Anyhoo... *TODAY*...

    The GOOD STUFF -
    • I. *DIDN'T*. HAVE. TO. SHOVEL!!
    • The SUN was OUT!!
    • Got a Belated KALIKIMAKA Card from MAJOR-M.
    • My *NEW* "SHAN-MUFF" worked GREAT!! - Wore IT over My Ballcap... Actually
      "looked" Okay!
    • Found a few ON-SALE Matching-Colour TOPS surprisingly still *left* IN My Size at THE GAP! - Could NOT say "NO" to the *only one* AQUA MERINO V-Neck SWEATER!
    • The PARKING-LOT-FAIRY left Me a Dime by My Back-Left-Tire...
    • Managed to SNEAK the 4-LARGE Storage BINS into the HOUSE *past* FATHER!!

    • The WINDCHILL was -30C!!
    • The Frozen-To-The-Sky-SUN was GLARING off of Everything.
    • Road Conditions were still ICY and SLICK on the Side-Streets.
    • MORE Shoppers in My way than earlier in the Week!
    • I hit just about EVERY Red Light!
    • I didn't get a chance to go to PIER-ONE.. The Traffic was bothersome by Then and it was almost Sundown. -- Pooh!

    I think I NEED to VEG Tomorrow! -- NO Shovelling. NO going OUT! ...Just, Turning OFF the Popcorn-Machine for a while...


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    1. I wake up at 3am-ish frequently with my popcorn machine going. I don't even like popcorn. ~snerks~ but I have to admit, looking at the sketches after is sometimes comical!


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