Friday, December 16, 2011

"COLDS" Are Really A *NUISANCE*!

...just saying...

So. An "UPDATE"...

The Right-Tonsil, surrounding Throat Area, and Right Ear are much Better, Tonight! -- However, the Right-side Nasal "Snottiness" has evened out INTO the Left-side NOW! More "Blowing", but, LESS Sinus-Pressure trying to Implode My Brain! Only the odd Asthmatic-triggered Cough. And, Tickling-Sinus-Sneezing-Sprees still on the loose...

I believe that I'm "over" the WORST of IT... Just have to PUT UP with the Lingering *Annoying* bits for the next While... and My *need* to SHARE-With-The-CLASS!!

On the MORE Encouraging side... The SUN was OUT! - YAY!! - Scooted over to COSTCO for Milk whilst the Getting-was-Good! TRAFFIC and CROWD Control wasn't so much of a Problem as IT usually is - [well, except for ALL of the RED-LIGHTS on the way Home!]Of course, IT was *EARLY* Friday Afternoon...

    NOTE - December WeekEND "Combat"-Shopping at COSTCO does NOT *Happen* in MY "Alternate-Reality"!! - I'm sure that there's probably a "Clause" in My Insurance Policies about THAT sort of Activity!

Well, I must TRY to get to Bed "Earlier", Tonight... Rumours of NICEness, Tomorrow! I expect that MOTHER will want to be EVERYWHERE!


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  1. Glad you are feeling a little better! I really am trying to find the get up and go that got up and went somewhere out of reach so that I can go run errands myself. I can't even blame feeling crappy for my 'can't be bothered' attitude today!


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