Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When The SUN Diverted Everyone's Attention, I Snuck OUT!!


HOWEVER... FATHER had "Plans" for an Expedition into the Far Reaches of ORLEANS with MOTHER! -- I would have accompanied Them, but *I* had "Plans" on Exploring the Environs of
"THE MALL"-engeti... And, *not* spending 2-Hours of Him getting "LOST" due to *numerous* Reasons - besides that whole "GUY-THING" - that I just won't get INTO!

Anyway, I needed the Exercise and "Alone-Time"...

So... THE MALL is giving away a FREE "Holiday" GIFT if You show Them $30.-plus of Receipts from Any of The Stores, *other* than the 2 Large "Anchor" Stores, within a Certain Date Period...

Oh! Look! I just happen to HAVE Enough!

  • Still NO new Yarn...
  • Had some "Stuff" to pick-up...
  • Dropped by the "Health"-Food Place to get some Xylitol Chewing-Gum - IT's suppose to be good for preventing Throat Infections..?
  • Stopped by My Fav "Junk-Food" Place - I have this *thing* for Their spicy-hot Lime-Chili-Soya-Sticks and the Dark-Chocolate-Covered-Almonds!

When I got to the top-end of THE MALL, MOTHER phoned - They were just Arriving...

BTW... MOTHER has this..*near*-Obsession for those Annual FREE GIFTS... Needless to say, She had *more* than enough of the Required Receipts at the Ready! -- But First, I had to Direct Them to *where* the "Office" had apparently been Relocated... And, get Them there before IT Closed.

Once THAT was Done, They were headed for the Grocery Store, WHILST I, Dumped STUFF into THE CAR and Traversed over to Checkout the nearby OLD NAVY!

Hey! Some Great COTTON SWEATERS for *only* $14.!! -- Got a TEALY-TURQUOISE One and a RED-GREEN "Argyle" One - IT'll go with My CRAFT-SHOW Stuff! Also, for almost "$2.", THIS
Cotton CORAL "LACE"-Front One... At THAT Price, I'm *not* Passing IT up!

Okay, so... I Left THEM about 40-Minutes ago..? I had "Told" Them to Pick Me up at the OLD NAVY, but, MOTHER has Her Cell OFF!... I decide to "Chance IT", and Walk BACK to THE CAR, in the Twilight... Yay! The VEHICLE is *still* There!

Tossed Stuff into the Trunk, headed back into THE MALL... Ah! "Timing"... They've JUST come OUT
of the Store! -- Well, I'M Ready to Head HOME!!


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