Wednesday, December 21, 2011


WOW! Just think, *only* ONE YEAR Left on that MAYAN CALENDAR WARRANTY!

What do You Think..? -- Was IT...
  • A Case of "Bad" Math?
  • Poor Planning..?
  • "Someone" FORGOT to Renew Their TIME MAGAZINE Subscription..?
  • Or, THE X-FILES Storyline of "Alien Invasion" actually *does* Pan-out!
  • Personally, I'm going with Ginormous-Honking-Cosmic-Real-Estate-That-Budget-Cuts-Missed-Smucking-The-PLANET! -- IT'll depend on whether or *not*, IF I Purchase LOTTERY Tickets THAT Week! - Seriously. With MY Karmic "Fortunes", One can never be TOO Cautious...
    ...Because, well, you know... *MY* "BLOOG", where Everything IS "about" *ME*!!


At the Moment, the Night is froth with intermittent FREEZING RAIN and just Total CRAPPINESS in general! - Sooo *NOT* the sort of Meteorological Conditions to be "Celebrating" this Astrological Event of Cosmic Significance with the Age-Old Practice of Dancing NAKED around a Bonfire!

- POOH!! There goes ALL My *FUN*!!

INSTEAD, I've elected to Indulge My "Primal Urges" with a rather Large Bowl of Yummy CHOCOLATE-BROWNIE-FUDGE ICE-CREAM!! -- [Tastebuds doing the HAPPY-DANCE!!] -- hmm.. Come to think of it, I don't believe that I've had ANY since the last Equinox!



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  1. Nekkid bonfire dancing WITH icecream! There's the answer!


    I actually did have a fire last night, although it was a wee one.


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