Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SHOP-FARI: In Search of Shiny Stuff...


For Months, I've "noticed" an Increase in the Number of RHINO Figures to be found in the Pages of the DECOR MAGAZINES that I Subscribe to. And, when the "Shopping-Source" Details are Noted, THEY are almost always seem to be from HOMESENSE. -- At least, from the TORONTO and VANCOUVER based Stores anyway...

The DAY began with Nice-SUNNY-Weather and a Crappy STOCK MARKET - My Cue to do some SOLO-Shopping!

First Stop - COSTCO - for the Needed-Long-Weekend-Stock-Up-of-MILK. Ended up being There *longer* than I had Planned, as I got into "Conversation" with One Our FOOD-SAMPLE-DEMONSTRATOR Acquaintances... She was making PANCAKES!!

THEN, I was off to the HOMESENSE just ACROSS the WAY... Time to Check-Out Their RHINO-Supply!

I haven't been There for a WHILE! ...LOTS of *COOL* STUFF! -- "SILVER" Lamps appear to be "IN"..? Actually, there were a Few that I quite Liked...

OH! Remember My "FREE" YOGA-MAT from Last FRIDAY..? - Well. I came across a BIN *full* of Various-Types... Spotted a Couple that were - [except for the Colour] - *just* like Mine. THEY ranged from $15. to $17.!! -- huh.

Sooo... Bunches of Bunnies. Many Birds... Way *too* many bor-ing Elephants! ...ah-HA! BINGO! *TWO* Shiny RHINOS!!

The *ABOVE* Larger One, that was $12.99 and a similar, yet Smaller One that was Unpriced.
I would have gotten BOTH, but "Sneaking" *one* into the HOUSE was going to be difficult enough!
-- I went with the BIG-GUY!

Besides, I haven't Personally "Bought" one in Ages!

HE's just so Long [18-Inches] and SHINY in HIS Coat-of-Probably-Toxic-Paint-on-Light-Wood.
And, it was either HIM, or the Really-Pretty-Lavender-PORTUGUESE-Made-CERAMIC-CAKE-STAND for the SAME Price. - [hmm... Maybe *next* Time, IF, IT's *still* Available!]

I soon Escaped whilst I had the Will-Power to DO so! -- Had to head over to a Post-Office to Mail Something...

NEXT on My SOLO-SHOPPING-STOP List - PIER-ONE - I haven't been There either for a Few Months!

Despite, NOT Buying ANYthing - [I have NO room! aarrrgghhh!] - I *did* however, so ENJOY the
"HUNT"! -- The Store is an Endless Source of COLOUR-THERAPY!!

Had a few more bits of Groceries to get, and then HOME... Have to FIND a Spot now for MR.WILL-LIKELY-*GLOW*-IN-THE-DARK...



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