Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gather Up Your Loose-Change..."YARD-SALE-SEASON" - IT *HAS* BEGUN!!


So, *despite* the COOLness, the SUNSHINE was enough Incentive to HOPE for YARD SALES! -- We headed for Fav-Hunting-Grounds - BEACON HILL. - Besides, We had Intents on going THAT Way already...


-- ahh..? WHY is the DRIVER of the BIG-WIDE-BOX-TRUCK-"Parked"-at-the-FRONT-of-the-LEFT-TURNING-LANE-with-CARS-*BEHIND*-HIM-Getting-OUT-of-IT?? -- crap!

Thankfully, I was ABLE to Pull-OUT, go Around, and MAKE the Turn BEFORE the LIGHT Changed!

We followed the Signs to Our FIRST YARD-SALE-of-the-SEASON -- As THEY go, there really WASN'T *much*, but, You know..."First"-One... We HAD to Buy SOMEthing! -- For 50-Cents, I got the PURPLE-PLASTIC-"PURSE" - [IT's actually more of a MAUVE-Purple..]. I'm sure I can put IT to *some* USE...

The Clean-Condition IKEA BAMBOO "DISH" also "Caught-My-Eye"... Got IT for a DOLLAR!
-- Should "GO" with My newly-Increased BLUE-WHITE BALL "COLLECTION"..?

From There, We did a Circle of the Neighbourhood and "discovered" ANOTHER SALE! Much more STUFF. Nice Stuff. Just NOTHING that We "needed" Stuff... Although, that IKEA-esque Double-Reading-Light-FLOOR-LAMP was rather Interesting..? -- But, *not* at $40. and I really DON'T have the "room"! - nuts!

On to the SALLY-ANN at the nearby MALL... hmm... HALF-PRICE on "GREEN-TAG" ITEMS... And, *another* Addition to My CAKE DOME [Stand] Collection! Final-Price - $2.50!

When We eventually LEFT the Area, that TRUCK was *still* there! Although by now, with Road-WARNING-Markers IN-Place!

A Grocery-Getting-Stop, then FABRICLAND - where I FABRIC-"RESCUED" the - [ABOVE Background] - 1.5M EBONY & IVORY Wide-Striped COTTON Remnant. - IT has a Lovely "Finish" to IT, and a CLASSIC-Look... Not to "mention", was ONLY $2. plus Tax...

Later, more Groceries at THE MALL, then HOME...


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