Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Did I *MISS* That ONE?!

ARMED WITH MANY A MICHAEL'S COUPON, I took a *deep* COOL Breath and ventured into the Afternoon HEAT...

FIRST STOP - COSTCO, for the "usual" Supply of MILK, PAPER TOWELS, TOILET PAPER... Oooo! CHECK OUT the *LOW* PRICE on the "MAGNUM, P.I." DVDs!! -- *Under* $9. per Season! -- hmm... I should get Some. Used to be One of My FAV TV Shows!

Only Seasons 5 to 8 were Available. -- crap! Season 1 to 4 were *probably* there BEFORE and I *didn't* Notice!?! pooh!

NEXT - TRAINYARDS... And, MICHAEL'S with a Fistful of COUPONS that were for Yesterday until Tomorrow! I got to Use TWO. Chances are, I might be Returning with MOTHER, Tomorrow...

Anyhoo... WHILE I was There - [trying to decide on WHICH Colours of "CLASSIC WOOL" to get] - I came across a Bunch of Carts filled with "Coming" and "Going" BALLS of Yarn... ATOP One of Them, I "Discovered" THREE BALLS of "The ABOVE" RED HEART YARN!!

-- That had CLEARANCE Price-Stickers... Which, would "suggest", that IT's been around..?
-- I "MISSED" IT??!! -- NO. WAY!

Whatever. I *snatched* THEM UP! -- I'm going to have to Keep an EYE-OUT on those CARTS...

After spending way TOO much Time lusting over YARN, I made a quickie Trip on over to WALMART. Nothing jumping INTO My Cart There...

    wait... oh. my... IS that..? frak! it IS! -- an old *BOYFRIEND*!! -- and, despite being over a *decade* my junior, after 8-plus years since I've seen him, he sure *doesn't* LOOK it! -- well. certainly glad that THAT "relationship" didn't work out! huh?

MOVING ON... HOME... I ended My *HOT* Day with an Hour of Mini-Fridge ICE-CHIPPING-DEFROSTING! -- Quite *REFRESHING*!!


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