Thursday, July 19, 2012

Usually, on THURSDAYs...

IT'S OFTEN *MY* "DAY" TO SOLO-SHOP... However, NOT "TODAY". -- I've already gotten My WEEKLY-WALLET-WORKOUT done with for the Week!!

IT, was a VEG-DAY!
  • Got UP, "Late".
  • Surfed the STOCK-MARKETS... [nuts! I *knew* I should've bought some of THAT Stock Last Month!]
  • Piddled about PINTEREST... [Christmas Stuff..? already?]
  • Remembered to DO that OLD NAVY "Discount-Survey" - [hey! For 15%-OFF, I will take 10-Minutes!]
  • Managed a couple of more "Panels" on Yesterday's "BLUE-*BONNET*-PERIOD"-PIECE as I finished Viewing SEASON-7-DISC-5 of My recently - [SEE 05JUL2012 POST] - Purchased "MAGNUM, P.I." DVDs. - [BTW, whilst at COSTCO on MONDAY, I found SEASONS 2 to 4! Still *need* SEASON-1 though...]

Meanwhile... The WEATHER was actually PLEASANT! We're back to "Normal" Seasonal-Temps. NO Humidity. NO RAIN, either! -- There's YARN that I'd like to be WASHING, but *not* with this DROUGHT going on. The "Wash-Water" needs to be Saved for more Essential-LAUNDRY!

Anyhoo... SO MUCH for My "exciting" LIFE-IN-A-SALAD-BOWL!


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