Monday, July 16, 2012

"FOR THE RECORD" - I'm Convinced that THIS **THING** is CURSED!!


I've LOST count of how MANY Times I've HAD to RIP-OUT and RE-DO Rows!! -- And THEN, "ONCE" I've "Finished" IT, My *suspicions* were Confirmed that I had INDEED, USED-THE-*WRONG*-SIZE-NEEDLE!!


IT's **HUGE**!! -- I'm going to have to SHRINK IT... *OR*, "redo" IT..?!! - Perhaps, I can add on a Tighter-BAND...?

Does ANYONE out there have a *really* BIG BRAIN that needs COVERAGE??
-- seriously. ANYBODY???

SomeWHERE. For *some* REASON..?? I just "know" that there is a SHEEP - or THREE - out to get Their


on Me!!

"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 00202-Aran
- Colour: 00229-Natural Mix
- Colour: 00230-Bright Red
- Colour: 77307-Plum Heather


ADDENDUM - [I'm writing THIS a Week LATER!!]

I've *just* Realized, "TODAY" is My SECOND BLOOG-IVERSARY!!!
And I FORGOT..??!!


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