Saturday, July 14, 2012

YAY!! THEY're NOT *Extinct*!!


In Recent Times, I've been "pondering" over the Highly-UNlikely-Ginormous-LOTTERY-WIN-*FANTASY* of Owning a Natural-Fiber-*ONLY*-YARN-TEA-ROOM-BAKERY-BISTRO-ARTS-CURIO SHOP... With, My various "CRAFTY" RELATIVES and FRIENDS creatively slaving away in a Roomy-*well*-Equipped-WORKSHOP.

    -- *MY* slightly-Southern version of "SANTA's Workshop". Sans the Red-Suited-Old-Fat-Guy... And, more like MRS. CLAUS' Several-Times-Removed-4th-Half-COUSIN and a few Wayward ELVES running the Place. --

And, I would Call IT, "The WOOLY-RHINO"! -- [I keep envisioning one those old wooden PUB-Signs creaking in the breeze...]

Anyhoo, SORRY for the DIGRESSIVE "sorta"-segway into My "Day"... But, IT does - sorta - meld Today's *High-Points* together. -- I hope..?

IT was *another* over-90F Scorcher! WITH, a "Bonus" SOLAR-STORM rumoured to be hitting THE PLANET!? -- [NOTE-to-UNIVERSE: We asked for "RAIN", NOT *RADIATION*!!] -- Hence, a profound Absence of YARD SALES...

However, not a Problem as MOTHER wanted to go over to the Other FABRICLAND in ORLEANS. She had a GIFT-VOUCHER that She'd "Won" a few Months back that Expires at the End of JULY. Although Larger, Our Local Store didn't have WHAT She wanted. -- Besides, We haven't been There for quite some Time...

After nearly an Hour of *enduring* the rather ANNOYINGLY-LOUD-RATTLING-albeit-COOL AIR-CONDITIONING, We left and headed just down the Road to the PLACE d'ORLEANS SHOPPING MALL. -- We haven't been THERE in probably TWO-YEARS..??

Thankfully, the ZELLERS is *still* OPEN! - THIS Location has always had the Largest YARN Section...

Oh... **LOOK**!!!


- I thought I'd NEVER See THOSE again!!

okay... So, THEY're
"COTTON", not "WOOL"!
But, still *YARN*! Same-Difference...

There were only THREE PACKAGES left. That I could FIND... And, the PRICE is Higher!?
-- whatsup with THAT?!! matter...

IT's a LARGE, weirdly-Designed MALL... Lots of New Stores... The Geyser-FOUNTAIN is still there. - A Refreshing Treat!

huh. There's an ECKO STORE..?

Oooo... RHINOS!!

Well... sorta...

I'm really NOT a STUFF-ON-My-T-SHIRT Person. For the most part anyway... And, certainly NOT at those Prices.

However, the $1.99 Recycled-"RHINO"-TOTE-BAG did grab My Attention!

I especially love the part, where My RHINO-BAG went into Another Rhino-Bag!

EVENTUALLY, We found Our Way OUT... So glad I Parked in the Covered-Area!

The Afternoon was getting ON, so off to THE MALL We were, along the Route HOMEWARD...

A JOURNEY that was not WITHOUT ITS bits of "Excitement"... The EVIL-STUPIDLY-PLACED-TRAFFIC-CIRCLE is always a "Challenge"! - Thankfully, I wasn't IN IT yet when the AMBULANCE was going through...

And then, further on, near BEACON HILL, some "CAMPER-RV" had *very* recently caught FIRE!! - I didn't really see MUCH as I was just a tad BUSY-DRIVING-TO-AVOID-IDIOT-PEOPLE... Don't know if Anyone was Injured. Hope not.

Meanwhile, at THE MALL, the Grocery-Store had CAKE!! -- MOTHER was getting a bit Peckish...

BTW, "YELLOW-ICING" does get EVERYWHERE!! -- just saying...


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  1. You're kidding right?? That description of your dream shop?? It is, I kid you not, like IDENTICAL to what I have wanted to do for-e-ver!!


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