Sunday, July 8, 2012

I need a Second ALARM-CLOCK...


oh! and BTW, after This Morning, I'm pretty well CONVINCED that - POWER-OUTAGES are the Leading CAUSE of "TEMPORAL-ANOMALIES"!!

-- just an "observation"..?

Sooo... When the SUN was SHINING brightly into My Room, and the "ALARM"-Button was OFF, and the Clock was FLASHING a Time *indicating that there had been some Power-Disruption and subsequent restoration 2-Hours previous*, I really SHOULD have went with My INSTINCTS and GONE-BACK-TO-SLEEP!!

But, alas, NO. *STUPID* ME!! -- I ended up, *being* UP TWO-HOURS **EARLIER** than USUAL!! - On a SUNDAY, no less!

oh, well... I *was* hungry and needed to "partake of the Plumbing" anyway... At least, I got an Early-Start on My Laundry...

As THAT was going on, I decided to do a bit of Research on Yesterday's Olive-Coloured HORS D-OEUVRE PLATTER... ahh, EBAY, gotta Love IT!! -- I *FOUND* IT right away! - [PRICES ranged from $10. to $25.]

Turns out, that IT was Produced by the INDIANA GLASS COMPANY in the 1960s. And, is in the PEBBLE LEAF "TREE-of-LIFE" Pattern. -- IT also comes in CLEAR and AMBER Glass. -- To LEARN more, CHECK OUT--

IT's a rather INFORMATIVE Site, with great Links to Other GLASS-COLLECTING Sources!
-- Actually, I think I might have Identified One of My OTHER Pieces! - YAY!

LATER, I even got "CLERICAL" and managed to get a Bunch of MAIL "done"! And, popped INTO a "BOX" for Tomorrow's Early-Pickup.

And, NOW... I must get THIS "POSTED"! -- Still have a Bed to Make-up, that I fully INTEND to GET-UP-**LATE**-FROM!! -- 'nite!!


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