Saturday, February 8, 2014



So, of course, that means "SHOP-FARI"! -- At least, THAT was MOTHER's "PLAN-DU-JOUR"..? - Personally, I would've *preferred* to have STAYED "HOME"... And to perhaps, actually GET a Few Things DONE..?!

yeah... A couple of NEURONS were WASTED on *that* THOUGHT!


SOON, We were OFF to CANADIAN TIRE to "acquire" some *FREE* CANADIAN-TIRE-"OLYMPIC"-STICKPINS. -- HER Idea, not Mine! -- I was more CONCERNED about the POTHOLES that are the NORM along the Road to *get* There!

We didn't STAY for long, as MICHAEL'S was Our NEXT STOP - where, MOTHER likes to "Take-Her-Sweet-TIME"!

I just picked up MORE "STUFF" for SISTER's upcoming PARTIES that She's Hosting. -- She likes doing up little "GIFT BAGS" for Her GUESTS. And, Her Local-MICHAEL'S doesn't always carry the SAME-STUFF as THIS ONE. -- So, whenever I can get THINGS "ON-SALE" for Her, I do...

MEANWHILE, I just used My COUPONS on some Balls of WHITE-ish YARN - as, I have "Something" in Mind to use IT on, so I "Stocked-Up" - a little...

Anyhoo, EVENTUALLY, I dragged MOTHER *out* in order to get some *actual* GROCERY-GETTING DONE before the Stores "CLOSED"!

And, the Remainder of My Evening was spent on doing up *more* WASHCLOTHS for SISTER, as well as for My "INVENTORY"...



  1. I love the colours of the wool you are using, they remind me of the seaside and beaches.
    Wishing you a great week and here's hoping that the weather keeps improving :)
    Jan x

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)


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