Saturday, February 1, 2014

hmm...maybe that BLIZZARD was a *GOOD-THING* after all..?!!

[..say, WHAT..??!!]

yeah. I know. IT "sounds" CRAZY! - BUT, I'm serious!

okay. So, perhaps the SEVERAL Hours of CONTINUOUS Blowing-Falling SNOW, 15-Minutes of Brushing OFF THE CAR *TWICE*, the Treacherous UNplowed Roads, and 20-Minutes of SHOVELLING *before* I could UNLOAD THE CAR, were just a bit of OVERKILL..?!?

HOWEVER, *had* the WEATHER been "NICE", I would NEVER have ended up in that PARTICULAR Section of WALMART to "DISCOVER" - [sitting on a couple of Shelves at the End of the Aisle in plain sight] - My Fab **BIRTHDAY-PRESENT**!!

oh. right! -- Did I mention that TODAY was My "BIRTHDAY"..? -- And, pretty much THE *only* REASON as to "WHY" I would RISK Driving in THESE WEATHER CONDITIONS?!

My Quickie-2-Minute-CYBER-CARD from SISTER [right]
- I think IT's from My 4th-Birthday..? Or, the 5th..?
-- IT's been a WHILE!!

ANYHOO... I began the "FESTIVITIES" by *not* getting TO Bed *until* 8am!! -- Not that I was really DOING ANYthing of "NOTE", I just wasn't "Sleepy"... Until, I *had* to get UP around 1pm.

oh. Look. IT's been SQUALLING since 11am... So much for ANY Notions of heading over to TRAINYARDS. -- But, I'm sure that I can Find *enough* to keep Me "ENTERTAINED" over at THE-MALL..? *Besides*, IT's within WALKING-Distance - IN the EVENT of any "CAR-TROUBLES"...

Soooo... I managed to minimally SKID on over THERE...

WALMART was My First-Stop. And, for once, I was going to more *thoroughly* PERUSE the Place! -- As in, a Check of Their rather pitifully *SPARSE* "SEWING"-CRAFTS-Section...

[NOTE -- Before leaving, MOTHER *Gifted* Me
with a *Certain*-Amount of "FINANCES" toward
WHATEVER I wished to GET for Myself]

I was in NEED of some of that "TAN" Colour, too...




hmm... I've NEVER seen THAT BLUE in the BIG-BALLS of COTTON YARN before!? And, it's been YEARS since I've seen ANY in GREY! -- Needless to Say, I *grabbed* ALL that was there!!

Although, I'm also left to *Wonder*, "for-how-long" has THIS STUFF been *sitting* Here??! - AND, had there been MORE?! -- Whatever, I will HAVE to Keep an Eye out for ANY "Future" RE-Stocking!!

well... Let's see What ELSE is in the Store... ah! Finally. The "Particular"-FLAVOUR of CANNED-BEANS that FATHER likes are ON-SHELF. - Time to Use that "RAIN-CHEQUE"...

With a FULL-Cart, I headed back to THE CAR to Dump My HOARD-of-HAPPINESS... As well as, to REMOVE the *FIRST* FOUR-INCHES of FLUFFY-FLAKES *cocooning* My VEHICLE! - [I would be glad of My Foresight later on!]

The BULK BARN was Next... seriously. What *IS* a BIRTHDAY-IN-A-SNOWSTORM without *Copious* AMOUNTS of "JUNK-FOOD", huh?!

...and, on to LOBLAWS... Where, I *needed* to Buy "Certain"-ITEMS in order to get "X"-MANY-Store-POINTS, so that, I could "CASH"-Them-IN for a GIFT-CARD that I'm going to NEED on TUESDAY!

However, because I spent *too* much Time doing THAT in the JOE FRESH Clothing-Section, I ended up MISSING-OUT on MOST of the FOOD-SAMPLINGS! - [pooh!] - LUCKILY, I managed to snag the LAST Portion of some really TASTY RICE & PORK from the SWEET-OLD-GERMAN-GUY! - Including, getting to "use" what barely remains of My considerably *Limited*-MANY-Decades-Old-"High-School"-GERMAN-Linguistic-"Knowledge"...

NUTS! -- The "POINTS" for the Clothing DIDN'T "show-up"!?! - [ggrrrr...] - Some CYBERness will be in order Later to Rectify THAT!

ahh... ANOTHER-4-INCHES-to-*SPEED*-BRUSH-*OFF*-of-THE-CAR so that I can SEE to *Slide* HOME!!

[...ONE More REASON "WHY" being a "WINTER-BABY" totally SUCKS!!
- BTW, the afore-mentioned SHOVELLING afterward didn't "help", either!]

[Although, the $5. LOTTERY *WIN* DID!!]

hmm... I think the PAPARAZZI are going to need a GPS-LOCATOR-BEACON to *FIND* The GROUNDHOG, Tomorrow!


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