Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Call the Snow Patrol...A SNOWBANK has Disappeared!!

I KNOW IT WAS THERE, Yesterday...

Here's WHAT I know... It was SHINY BRIGHT out and freakin' FREEZING! Quite un-WINTERLUDE-like. The Mean Temperature was a manageable -15C, however, the rather Biting WIND was making the needed Shovelling a tad challenging with the resulting -26C WINDCHILL!!

All that MELT WATER from the previous Warmer Days this Week were Flash-Freezing in spots...

Anyhoo... AFTER finishing My Side, I ventured over across the Road to MADAME-Q's... Hm. *Something* seems "different"... Why..? -- Is it Me, or is there a whole lot MORE Space going on Here...?


[INSERT - Dramatic Suspenseful Musical Overture and Frozen Raised Brow of Disbelief]

So, a little FYI "Background"... THAT Side of the Street has a Sidewalk and about 4-Feet or so of Grassed Slope to the Curb-Edge. This Area has been covered in about 3-Feet of Snow. MADAME-Q's Next Door Neighbour has Their Driveway along side Hers - a Row of Tall Cedar Trees separates them
until about a meter to the Sidewalk. On the Curb "Side" was the "Now ABSENT" 4 by 5 Feet, Meter-high PYRAMID of SNOW!

Both Households can now EXIT Their Driveways *much* more Safely!!

The MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE is still however, *another* Matter... -- WHO DONE IT?!

I later, asked MOTHER - Her Kitchen Window looks over across to the Crime Scene... Apparently, the Benevolent Culprit was the Neighbour 2-Doors down from Us and His SNOW-BLOWER!

Okay..Not to be UNGRATEFUL here... but, WHERE was He LAST WEEK when I had The GREAT WALL OF PLOW-POOP *blocking* MY Driveway, that I had to MINE a Kyber Pass through for the MAILMAN??!!

...I'm just saying...

Meanwhile, Temps are "rumoured" to be going back UP Tomorrow - so, that Flurries can come DOWN... Looks like I'll be working on that NEXT *new* Obelisk to WINTERLUDE...



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