Saturday, February 26, 2011

CHEERIOS, Chocolate Chips, and YARN!!

OH! **CRAP**!!

You know, I had intended on relating MY *non*-Epic Tales of Retail Adventures, Today... About, how lovely the Weather was, yadda, yadda... How I had probably, spent too much Money on stocking up on My FAV *FOODS* that happened to be "On Sale"... And, on the Fact that I had recently acquired enough POINTS to get a $10. GIFT CARD at the STORE where I get My FACTORY ENDS from...

Hey! LOOK! They actually have some IN! -- Only in IVORY mostly. [I got 3] -- hmm....They are a bit on the THIN side... But, WAIT! There's a Package of GUAVA that's just right! -- I was even going to POST a Pic!

HOWEVER.... MOTHER gets a Call this Evening from My Brother - SGT.DOC... Apparently, Baby Bro had a teeny weeny MISHAP earlier Today, out in the Wonderful Wilds of the EDMONTON Environs!

HE'S FINE... So far... Although, I'm sure that He'll be FEELING IT, Tomorrow!! -- AND, for a WHILE Later!!

As You can SEE from the Pic, the ROAD is somewhat, "Wind-Swept", and was extremely ICY!

NOTE - My Brother is in The MILITARY *and* has spent a good chunk of His Career DRIVING various Vehicles in some rather *dubious* Locations under *hazardous* Conditions... I do believe, that this is the First Time He has actually *Flipped* One!

Anyway, from what I got from MOTHER, He hit some BAD ICE, the Car went OFF the Road into a slight Ditch that caused it to FLIP, and then SKID...? Fortunately, several People stopped to
"Rescue" HIM! -- The slight Snow "crest" on the Driver's Side prevented the Door from being easily Opened. Not to mention, the Hanging-Upside-Down-From-The-Seatbelt-For-Several-Minutes part was tad "uncomfortable"..!

Meanwhile, the SUNROOF is TOAST! There's a big *DENT* in the Roof. And, the whole Framework is pretty much compromised. But, the Snow Tires seem to look okay...?

So, FOLKS... *Welcome* to Winter Weather in the Great White Wild WEST!!



  1. Heavens sno glad hes ok!! just dont try the same thing ok, hes probably practised!! hugs tinkx

  2. Holy canolli! Good to hear he's ok! Bloody winter, I've had enough of it. Hubby, my little guy and I got caught in the winter storm last night coming home from friends' house, trying to get across T.Dot (or El Torro hehe) with major snow coming down. Made it safely in double the usual time, but woke up to a lovely view this a.m.

  3. wow! I hope he is okay and doesn't feel the after effect for long! Gotta love Winter in Canada!


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