Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Someone EVIL, This Way PLOW-eths...

ACTUALLY, there were TWO of Them!! In a Row... Leaving a SNOW-NAMI in their Wake...

Well... at least "Today's" MAILMAN was **CUTE**!! -- WOW! Sure glad that I took Time to
"blast" that VALLEY through The GLACIER for Him!

So... THIS was the *most* Snow that We've had around Here THIS Season. About 6 to 10 Inches or so, I suppose...? THANKFULLY, it was DRY and Fluffy. Of course, the Part where the Wind was constantly Blowing and the Fact that it was Snowing BEHIND Me around an Inch per Hour, I could have done WITHOUT!

THREE HOURS to do Mine, and MADAME Q's Driveways! The PLOW-POOP was the most Time and Energy Consuming.

I *really* WISH that THESE GUYS would LEARN to ANGLE the Right-Hand Blade to form a "V"!!
-- Doing so, DOESN'T hamper the Job and *saves* EVERYONE a LOT of GRIEF!! BTW, just a
"Technical Note"... that whole *V* thing is WHY there's a SECOND Blade!


Whatever... ALL I know is, I ended up with about a 100 CUBIC FEET or so,  WALL of Packed-Snow-DOUGH BLOCKING the Way to Our House! -- On MADAME Q's side of the Street, it was more of a Crumbling Wall on a SLOPE!

I'm gonna be FEELING *IT* ALL Tomorrow... When I have to clean up that Latest 3 Inches!!

BTW, I *never* did SEE that "GROUNDHOG"! Or, even a Squirrel... hmm...


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