Wednesday, February 23, 2011

THE CLAW - It's baa-ack!

I'M BEGINNING to see a TREND Here... The CITY GUYS are showing up on GARBAGE PICK-UP DAY... -- It makes Me wonder - IS that the *only* Day that These GUYS are allowed to "play" with the BIG TOYS?

Yeah, I know... "which" CITY GUYS...? -- Remember, back in the Autumn? And, that whole TREE REMOVAL Episode?  [SEE 30SEP2010 POST] Well, THOSE GUYS were BACK this Morning! Although, this Time, They were ACROSS the Street...

I pretty much missed most of it - was still in Bed... But, it did keep MOTHER entertained! -- I'd have Pics Here, however, She didn't have a chance to take any. I think She was over-beguiled by the CANADA-CLAW OPERATOR GUY!

Anyway, We now have a LOT more Snow-Melting-SUNLIGHT on the Front Lawn! And, the ability to
"spy" on The Neighbours more... JUST wish that the Crappy-Maple-Tree-Next-Door had been on the
HIT LIST! -- I'm seeing waay too much FUTURE "guano" on My Driveway this Summer...!!


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