Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trapped Between a Looong Weekend and My Boring Basement!

SUCHMindless Day!! -- I should have one of those "YOU ARE HERE" Stickers slapped to My Forehead...Or, better yet, *HERE* on The BLOOG! That way, I'll be able to successfully ORIENT Myself, when I come out of My Mentally-drifting Daze...

I think the Load of LAUNDRY was My "Highlight of the Day"!  Hey! No Shovelling - "saving" THAT for Tomorrow! Mostly Cloudy. Cold. Ate some Junk Food... Nothing "Thrilling" going on in CYBER-WORLD... Did some Reading. Computer Backups... Folded Yesterday's Laundry... I should probably STOP *buying* T-SHIRTS...

WOOHOO!! -- Is *THAT* PAINT, drying...?!


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