Thursday, February 10, 2011


WE RECEIVED several PICS of The PRINCESSES, Today. Amongst them, a Special Valentine one for Me!

Meanwhile... the SUN was out just long enough to keep Me from being too discouraged over the Leftover "Frosty" Flakes! -- It was helpful that I had done MOST of it Yesterday, as it was heavier in the spots where I hadn't. As in, over at MADAME-Q's... Those hardened Snow-packed Tire Tracks really are a PAIN to try to scrape off! Hopefully, the *promised* Future higher Temps will help in loosening them up before they start to *ice*...

So, other than all of THAT "non" excitement... it was pretty much a boring Day... Well, perhaps with the exception of - if SHE was still around - My Maternal Grandmother's 104th Birthday... SHE's the ONE from *where* ALL of the NEEDLECRAFT Skills have been inherited from!

THIS was taken during the 1920's, when SHE was *16* - that's HER on the Right with a Cousin.

The Photo quality is really bad, so You can't SEE the Beadwork Details all that well.

SHE *WON* a Costume Contest for making BOTH of These Outfits!!


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