Friday, October 21, 2011

Bargains AHOY, SALE-er!!


Okay. So. The FEMALE-SIBLING-UNIT has now been Immunized as well. The HOUSEHOLD is currently "PLAGUE-PROTECTED". -- Unfortunately though, NOT from the RAINDROPS and EVIL-NEIGHBOUR'S-TREE-LEAVES that continue to Breach the "Residential Force-Fields"...

I Blame it ON The SQUIRRELS! -- Living IN Said FLORA.

After, Our brief Visit at The Doctors, SISTER and I popped into One of Grocery Stores along The Way. The Sought-After-Sale-Item There turned out to be the Wrong Size... So much for That

We headed to the Nearby Strip-Mall with the OLD NAVY Store... She hasn't been out Spend-Festing for a few Days, so I had to let Her "PLAY"...

I haven't been to THAT One for a while - was looking kinda "sparse" in There..? Despite that, I *did* manage to pick up some rather Nice Seriously-Marked-Down Cotton Sweaters. Oh! AND, I also Remembered that I still had one of those CUSTOMER-SURVEY-15%-DISCOUNT-RECEIPTS... IT covered The TAXES!

We were Back Soon enough, so that The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS could use The CAR, and do Their "THING"...

Anyhoo... This Evening, I decided on Returning to The KNITTING. - Just as a Change of Pace..? Got a "FEW" Rows DONE! -- IT TAKES SOOO LONG!! -- BUT, I just *HAD* to DO Some of IT... know..?


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