Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Need To Hire More ELVES!


I only managed to get a Partial "Audit" of My INVENTORY done Today - I NEEDED the Time to *actually* MAKE a "Few" of The WASHCLOTHS that *have* to be Completed!

  • Finish the WASHCLOTH Audit
  • Put together *more* COMBO-Packs
  • Make as Many of the Needed Colours as there is Time to!
  • Prep for SISTER'S Return...

Yeah, She'll be BACK In-Town "Some" Time on Tuesday!

IF, it's at "Good" Hour, FATHER and I can Drive to the BUS STATION to pick Her up. However, if it's ANY "when" near RUSH HOUR, then, I'll have to take a "Regular" BUS There to get Her... Strangely enough, it'll be Easier that Way.

Whatever, it's *doubtful* that I'll get *any* Sleep THAT Night - We have to be ON the Buses AGAIN by 7:30AM on Wednesday to GET Her to the AIRPORT! -- I might just BRING some Yarn and My HOOK to get a BIT of Work DONE on the Trip Home!

Anyway... THESE are the Lastest... Oh. The FABRIC was a Half-Meter of COTTON that I got Yesterday. Not a "Pattern"-Style that I would Normally Purchase - even at ITS Sale-Price - BUT, IT was just hanging onto ITS "Tube" BEGGING Me to BUY IT!



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