Friday, October 28, 2011

I Am *Such* A SCARF-"MOM"!


IT's one of My "Regulars" - however, I couldn't do IT Last Year as I had already been Booked ELSEwhere... Sooo HAPPY that I can Attend THIS Time!

The Venue is at a Nearby SENIORS' Home, with only a Handful of "Vendors" - [Who are Relatives or Friends of the Residents]. There aren't Busloads of Customers - NOT enough Parking for that! Just
"The LOCALS" walking by... and, BUYING!

The SALE'S primary Goal is Selling BAKED GOODS, mostly PIES... Which, "GO" quite Quickly!

CHECK The SIDEBAR later for *DETAILS*...

Meanwhile, been BUSY Today with Other "Prep" Work...

Only a WEEK to go until My First SALE! Gonna be HECTIC!

I *finally* got to Finish THIS up!

Calling IT "CORAL BARK" - done in RED and BIRCH.

As well, I managed to get a Few WASHCLOTHS done too. They will be My main "Creative" Focus right up to the Last Minute!

-- The ELVES are certain to "ask" for OVER-TIME...


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