Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"WHY" Do "THEY" Keep Doing *That*...??


Really. Just about *Every* Time when We come across some PRODUCT or ITEM that...
  • Looks GREAT.
  • FITS!!
  • **WORKS**!!
  • Works WELL. ForEVER!
  • Tastes Yummy.
  • IS the ONLY Thing *Available* that WON'T KILL YOU!
  • Is "Perfect" for whatever NEEDED Task.
  • EVERYONE just *Loves* IT!
  • Didn't Cost a Fortune!
  • STILL Works!!

IT suddenly - just WHEN You *really* need IT to NOT to - gets RECALLED! Or, "MIGHT" cause a FASHION-FAUX-PAS! OR, be  **DISCONTINUED**!!?

aaarrrrgggghhhhhh!! -- I **HATE** that!!

And, so does BLOOG-Buddy, KRISTIN NICHOLAS... "WORD" is, that Her Personal Line of
"JULIA" Yarn - [50% WOOL - 25% KID MOHAIR - 25% ALPACA] - has been DISCONTINUED!

IF ANYONE wants ANY - IT's at Half-Price! -- CLICK **HERE** for the ORDER SITE.

As soon as I get THIS on ITS Way, I'll be Heading over Myself!


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  1. typical isnt it, then you ask why its been discontinued and its cos too many people were buying it?? go figure!!


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