Friday, October 7, 2011

Surviving the Pre-SIBLING Shopping Strike!

SISTER is Flying in Tomorrow. Really, REALLY Early!! -- I'm NOT "planning" on getting a whole lot of Sleep Tonight... So, if I do manage to Nod off - then, BONUS!

Until Then, I've STILL got a *ton* of "STUFF" to DO!! This is NOT going to be a "Restful" Long Weekend!

Anyway... I spent almost 3-Hours Today doing - what I refer to as - COMBAT-SHOPPING.
-- Just Me, The CAR, a couple of Coolers, and "The LIST"...

Oh! And, great Survival-Instincts for dealing with Idiot-Shopping-Cart-Drivers-And-Their-Numerous-"Shouldn't-They-Be-IN-School-Right-Now"-Progeny-And-Other-Relatives as They blocked all Traffic in the middle of the BUSY Aisles with Idle Conversation!!

And, don't GET Me *started* on Their Motoring Skills! -- The "normal" Friday-Afternoon-Long-Weekend-Traffic was ITS own *Special* Treat!!

However, DESPITE
all of the
"DRAMA", I *did* manage one Favourable

AND, got IT Past FATHER!

-- Looking like a SHERPA with all of Those Other Purchases, the Coolers, and enough Toilet Paper to cover a Forest, usually does the Trick.

Hmm. Gonna have to MAKE Something now, huh?


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