Sunday, October 9, 2011

HAPPY [Canadian] THANKSGIVING Weekend!!

IT'S ACTUALLY BEEN YEARS, since We've had *Another* FAMILY MEMBER - [other than Myself and The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS] - "IN" Town over THANKSGIVING!

Mind You, around HERE, One Long Weekend is pretty much the SAME as *ANY* Other! So, We didn't exactly go "Huge" on "Celebrating"... The most "Exciting" Aspect of the Holiday was probably the GREAT WEATHER!! - Otherwise, IT was a Quiet Day...

SISTER did some Major GARDENING Work for MOTHER. -- She's really into That... I am sooo NOT!
- [Hello!? "Winter-Baby"] - Given the Choice, I prefer the CRYO-SCAPING Version of Yard-Work...

Anyhoo, as She got Her Kicks out of YANKING Flora out of the Ground, I spent My Time on Building up My "INVENTORY"...


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