Saturday, August 10, 2013


"WHY?" I BOUGHT THEM... [seeing as I am, *more* into "SEASCAPES"..]

  • honestly?! That 50-Cent-EACH Price certainly *didn't* TWIST My *BAD-ARM* the "WRONG"-Way!!
  • They'll go well with My "COLLECTIONS" of FLORAL NEEDLEWORK CANVASSES and FABRIC REMNANTS. And, GLASS... CERAMICS... Little WOODEN BOXES... TINS... - [btw, just STOP Me at *any* Time here!] - VINTAGE FURNITURE... That B&B I'll never Own and aren't "Domestic" enough to Operate *anyway*!!
  • You know, I just Remembered... I have an ANTIQUE TIN that I'd gotten off of My Late-PATERNAL-GRANDMOTHER Decades ago that *would* also MATCH!!
  • Besides, with *better* Frames, Their diminutive 8x10-Inch size will make Them even more "DECORATIF"..?
  • DON'T need to be "Watered".
  • and, oh yeah, did I mention..? *50-CENTS Each*!!

Meanwhile, This 6-Inch SUNFLOWER TIN-BOX only set Me back 25-Cents.

-- Just a little "COUNTRY"-CHINTZ!


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