Sunday, August 4, 2013

oh! Just "BLOOGING"-IN for a Sec...


Been BUSY *Trying* to get The BLUE HAT done! -- "ALMOST" Finished! -- That LAST Bit always seems to take the LONGEST Time to DO! - I would have kept AT IT, but that "SLEEP"-Thing seems to be Nodding-Off My ITS Head..?

AND, I *DID* have to get THIS Posted!!

Anyway... Just Another BORING SUNDAY... On the COOLER-side, with several 2-Minute-SHOWERS-in-SUNLIGHT! -- My most "arduous" Task of the Day, was the Hour spent on "DEFROSTING" My MINI-FRIDGE... Only managed to get IT *Half* Accomplished. BUT, at least Now, I don't have to send OUT an "ARCTIC-RESCUE-PARTY" to Extract the ICE-PACKS!!

yeah.. There's nothing like WATCHING-ICE-MELT to PERK-UP One's AFTERNOON... OH! *AND*, I MULTI-Tasked with doing a LAUNDRY-LOAD of SOCKS at the *same* Time, too!

-- yep-per! I sure can *Rock* "HAZEL"-WORLD!! huh?

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