Tuesday, August 27, 2013


HE-HE! - I THINK I MADE THEM SPEND ALMOST $200.!! - But I'm *sure* THEIR GUEST-ROOM will LOOK soooo *much* BETTER Now!!

After My trip to COSTCO Today, I made a rare Stop over to the HOMESENSE Store, that's just across the "HIGHWAY"... I wanted to See if THEY had gotten in any New RHINOS..? -- THEY hadn't. And, I never *did* Buy ANYthing There, either.. HOWEVER...

I ran into TWO-Older-Than-Me-WOMEN, Who were Trying to "Match" THROW-PILLOWS with this rather Aesthetic-ABSTRACT-SEASCAPE-PAINTING for the OLDER-WOMAN's GUEST-ROOM... And, of course, *ME*-the-Ever-Crazy-"ART"-aholic, I just couldn't Resist putting in My "nosy" Two-Cents worth!


About 6-Minutes LATER, THEY had THREE PILLOWS that not only *COLOUR*-Coordinated the ARTWORK, but "TEXTURALLY" as well. - Along with the ROOM's OTHER Design-Elements!

You know, I never did Look at the PRICE-TAGS on those PILLOWS... Then again, *neither* did THEY! -- HOPE They weren't TOO PRICEY..?! - Anyway, I caught the PAINTING's COST though... About THREE-TIMES the *TOTAL* of My ENTIRE Little "THRIFTY"-COLLECTION!

whatever... When I last saw THEM, THEY were headed to CHECKOUT with *MY* CHOICES shoved into THEIR Carts! -- And I, walked out "Purchase"-LESS...

NEXT STOP, MICHAEL'S... To Buy a Few BALLS of a "Particular"-Colour of YARN for the BLANKET I *have* to Make for SISTER's Newly-Decorated-GUEST-ROOM!

-- IT's to be *Her* "CHRISTMAS-PRESENT" for that RHINO-HEAD She got Me, Yesterday.

Hope I got ENOUGH...


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