Saturday, August 31, 2013

*DISCOUNTS*! Cashed-In "POINTS"! NO *TAXES*!! - Oooo...LOOK!!


huh. Now... IF I can just WIN Today's "LOTTERY"..? Then, *MY* Little-UNIVERSE would be Complete!! -- yeah... right... I ain't holding My Breath on THAT ONE, either!

right. so... MICHAEL'S *didn't* have ANY of That YARN I Wanted. Although, a Couple of the OTHER STORES had Some IN-STOCK... I just have to Call THEM up to See IF THEY have the *NEEDED* DYELOT!

Needless to Say, with MONDAY being a HOLIDAY, that *only* leaves Tomorrow as the ONLY Day LEFT to take Advantage of the WeekEND-SALES... And, "Reduced"-SCHEDULING on the BUSES does NOT *HELP*!

Anyhoo, We must have Spent an HOUR at MICHAEL'S - *mostly* due to MOTHER's *NEED* to Look at EVERYTHING!! -- ALL I got, were THESE "FELTED" 3-PACK ORNAMENTS that I happened upon in the "CHRISTMAS"-AISLE...

I got Another Set of the TREES, and, Several of the REINDEER - I Now have a HERD!

THEY were Tucked UNDER a Short-Shelf... HIDING! -- I just Thought that THEY were *CUTE*, and that I should GET THEM before ANYONE *ELSE* "Discovers"THEM - Besides, I had all of these COUPONS... Which, I also Used to get a BALL of GREY ROVING YARN... I *had* to Buy SOMETHING after watching MOTHER *Load-UP* on some ON-SALE DOLLAR-BALLS of FUZZY YARNS...

We *eventually* popped into the Nearby Grocers, but came away with just some JUICE...

Time to head over to LOBLAW's for ITS "NO TAXES". And, "Where" I was almost *Blinded* by that **SHINY** LOONIE!!

BTW, "WHY" is it that there's NEVER a *LOT* of STUFF to GET on THOSE Days...??

MEANWHILE, I also got around to "CASHING-IN" My STORE-POINTS for GIFT CARDS at FUTURE SHOP... There are some DVDs being Released soon that I wanted to GET! - I'll be needing NEW-STUFF-TO-WATCH as I KNIT & CROCHET in the Coming MONTHS...


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