Sunday, August 25, 2013

YARNing to SALE 2 the HEART of ART...


BUT, I would have gone WAY *over* "BUDGET"!! -- And then, there's that *LACK* of WALL-SPACE Issue...

Anyhoo, BEFORE We had wandered on over to that ESTATE-SALE Yesterday, We made a QUICKIE-STOP over to The SALLY-ANN. -- I wanted to CHECK-OUT the AUCTION LISTING. Several NEW-ITEMS had arrived Last Week, but I *couldn't* get a GOOD-Look at THEM, *Then*! - We weren't going to the AUCTION, however, I did want to SEE "WHAT"
I would have "Missed"!

AS IN, a FEW rather NICE "NAUTICAL" PAINTINGS! - Though, still a tad too Pricey...
-- We MOVED ON...

AFTER the ESTATE-SALE - and, on the WAY to TRAINYARDS - We stopped-by for a Short-Bit at Our FRIEND, BOB-THE-BUYER and His FAMILY at Their semi-Monthly CURBSIDE-SALE.


I'm thinking that He was likely a PAWN-BROKER in a "PREVIOUS"-LIFE
-- As I, was likely a CURATOR in at least TWO!!

He also, Posts TERRIFIC SALE-"SIGNS"!! -- NEON-GREEN, *Every* BLOCK - stating how Many Blocks "to go" in CLEAR READABLE-While-You-Drive-By-SCRIPT!

ANYWAY... He had a Few PAINTINGS that Caught My EYE... However, I just settled on the "ABOVE" 8x10-Inch ONE for $5. -- [Which I Suspect, might have been BELOW His *COSTS*?!]

He really Likes Us, and is always Offering Us STUFF *AT-"COST"*!
- A "Courtesy" that I try *not* to "abuse"...

So. I couldn't Find a "Date" on the PIECE, but from the Condition of the FRAMING and CANVAS-BACKING,
I think *over* 30-Years would be a "SAFE-BET"..?

-- Actually, at some point That FRAME *will* be getting TRASHED!

We only "Pilgrimaged" at MICHAEL'S for about an Hour... I just got - [SEE BELOW] - ONE BALL of PURPLE ROVING... Afterward, We headed to the ST.LAURENT MALL - I had a few Errands to do There...

Like, *finally* getting around to "Cashing-IN" My HBC-Points! -- Needless to say, I did a bit of "SHOPPING" LATER... BUT, *NOT* to Worry! - I *still* have MONEY "Left" on that HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY *GIFT CARD*!!

As We were heading to a CHECKOUT-COUNTER, We passed a "DISCOUNT-TABLE" of DISHWARE...

These TWO 4-INCH HEART-DISHES were just sitting there... Looking LONELY... I checked the STICKER. The PRICE was "Right". AND, THEY *were* from PORTUGAL... I really DIDN'T "NEED" THEM!

I walked away about 20-Feet... oh! what-the-hell! -- I SPUN *around* BACK and Snatched THEM UP! - After all, it was *just* the TWO of THEM... About to end up being for "FREE"!

-- HOW could I, Say "NO"?!

NEXT... We headed to a *Certain* ART-"SHOPPE", that shall remain Nameless! AS, Their "SALES"-PRICES really AREN'T *so* much!!

Their YARN was "20%-OFF"... Which, was still about 4% *ABOVE* MICHAEL'S -
[Who really *aren't* Noted for Their LOW "REGULAR"-PRICES, either.
Honestly, other than the FANTASTIC-STAFF and YARN-INVENTORY,
IT's Their SALES and COUPONS that keeps Me coming back!]

However, THEY also have a Couple of COLOURS that I haven't seen at MICHAEL'S... yet...

So, seeing as I had been getting BARGAINS and FREEBIES all Day, I decide to *SPLURGE* on These TWO BALLS of YELLOW!!

I think it was Those HEARTS that MADE Me *DO* IT!!


MEANWHILE, *Nothing* of NOTE for Today! -- Just the USUAL "SUNDAY-CHORES"...


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