Saturday, August 18, 2012

"5 ITEMS for $1.00"

TRANSLATION: **FREE** plus a 20-Cent-Each-CARRYING-OFF-Charge!

And BTW, We're NOT Talking silly little Tchotchke-Trinkets here. NO. They were heavy Books, and Large Items.

BEACON HILL was Where We spotted THAT little "Happy-Dance" bit of Signage at a TRIO of YARD-SALES.

-- I *almost* FELT a Pang of "GUILT" for Paying SO little for WHAT I "GOT"! - [don't worry, IT passed...]

MOTHER got a Hardcover Baking Book, whilst I Selected THESE Fabulous-FOUNTS-of-ARTSY-KNOWLEDGE!

From GIOTTO to CEZANNE: A Concise History of Painting

- Michael Levey
- ISBN0500200246
- 1985

[TRADE Paperback Size]

The High Renaissance and Mannerism: Italy, the north, and Spain, 1500-1600

- Linda Murray
- ISBN0195199901
- 1977

[TRADE Paperback Size]

Great Masters of Art: MONET: A Retrospective

- Charles F. Stuckey
- ISBN0883633019
- 1985

[12" HARD-COVER Size]


I've yet to take a really CLOSE-LOOK at IT. However, I suspect that the "CENTER"-Hole-Space has been Modified..?

About 16-Inches across
-- 18-Inches from Tip-to-Tip.

And, at about a PENNY-per-POUND, I *wasn't* going to LEAVE IT!!

We were NOW, "SALE-SPOILED"! -- We moved on to the BEACON HILL MALL...

huh. The SALLY-ANN is going through a "RENO"... *STUFF* has been Temporarily
"Rearranged". - Although, that didn't Prevent MOTHER from FINDING a Set of 3.25mm [24"] CIRCULAR-NEEDLES at 89-Cents for Me!

NEXT, We had GROCERIES to GET at a Couple of Places, including THE MALL...

HOWEVER, I *also* needed to go to TRAINYARDS. -- Since the Afternoon was getting on, and the COOLERS were FULL, I dropped Their Contents - along with MOTHER - at the HOUSE before Continuing with MY "Shopping"...

oh, hey, remember Those METAL SAILBOAT HOOKS that I got on TUESDAY - [SEE 14AUG2012 POST] - at MICHAEL'S?

Well, "officially", They were *no longer* ON-SALE. BUT, the SIGNS
were STILL up, so I *got* the SALE-PRICE!

ONLY Bought FIVE more to add to the Other TWO, so that I would have "SEVEN"-BOATS for the SEVEN-"SEAS"!

Meanwhile, I *was* going to USE My ONE *COUPON* to Buy a BALL of YARN - BUT, *couldn't* since the YARN was "ON SALE" THIS Week!! -- nuts!

Mind You, I was PLANNING on making an Excursion to IKEA "some" TIME this COMING Week
-- There's a MICHAEL'S Next Door - [at least, there used to be..?] - I *might* actually be NEEDING That COUPON..?

Afterward, I went over to WALMART for a certain Needed Fav FOOD Item that was ON SALE...

ggrrrrr!! -- There ISN'T *any* of MY Flavour!! -- [WALnuts!!] -- I got a RAIN-CHEQUE.

oh-kay... I still have a LETTER to MAIL - *perhaps*, if I drop IT off at the MAIN POST OFFICE that is *just* down the Road, IT'll get INTO "The SYSTEM" Quicker..?? - [haha!]

The "Service"-OFFICE is Closed. I *figured* THAT, as IT was AFTER 5:00PM. However, there are FOUR MAIL-BOXES just Outside. *Surely*, THOSE SHOULD be "Checked" on MONDAY **MORNING**..?? Right??!!

[INSERT The Sound of THE UNIVERSE "Snorting"!!]

The "LABELS" on the BOXES read MONDAY'S "PICK-UP" is at 5:00PM??!! -- FOR REAL?!!?


Alrighty... TIME to head HOME!! -- I'll just Drop the LETTER into One of the Neighbourhood
"DELIVERY"-MAIL-BOXES. *Where* IT'll get picked-up at **8:00AM** on MONDAY!!

ANYHOO... I think maybe THE UNIVERSE took "PITY" on Me Tonight -- as I *WON* $7. on the LOTTERY! -- Then again, IT is *also* My LATE-MATERNAL-GRANDFATHER'S 110th BIRTHDAY! And, HE always did *enjoy* Buying "Reference"-type BOOKS...



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