Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some "PLUM"-Purchases...

SO, "APPARENTLY", **PURPLES** ARE BACK "IN VOGUE" FOR THIS FALL..? -- huh. As far as I'm Concerned. *THEY* NEVER "LEFT"!!

Whatever, according to My THICK-New-OCTOBER-Issue of CANADIAN HOUSE AND HOME, the COLOUR-PURPLE is *THE* SHADE-of-the-SEASON!

-- Actually, IT was a Refreshing-READ for a change - FULL of more "CLASSIC" DESIGNS instead of the usual OVERWHELMING-WEIRD-WHIM-of-the-WEEK Stuff.

Oooo... AND, the *new* AUTUMN "EQ3" CATALOGUE arrived with IT, as well!!
-- YAY!!


yeah, yeah...I know... I *should* be RIBBONned-OUT by NOW! -- BUT... "3-for-$1." - HOW could I Say, "NO"..?! - OH! And, PLUS the MICHAEL'S "TUESDAY SENIORS' DISCOUNT"!!

BTW, there are 7-more "Doubles"...

Those CERAMIC COASTERS were also still ON-SALE,
so I picked-up a Couple Extra...

ONE can NEVER have "too" Many!

The MONOGRAM-NOTEPADS have Magnets -- at 81-Cents [plus Tax], THEY were somewhat

Only had ONE
"COUPON" This Week. - I think This SHADE of YARN is "NEW" for the Store..?

-- ITS got little BLUE-FLECKS. Ought be Interesting to *work* with...

On My Way ACROSS the YARDS toward WALMART - [where I ended up NOT buying ANYthing!] - I decided to Check-out The BOMBAY COMPANY and BOWRING.
-- BOTH, had "SALES" going on.

BOMBAY first...

ahh... Their "BLUE & WHITE" CHINA has been moved "up-front".

 -- Oooo!! A NEW

- [5-Inches] - that turned out to be HALF-PRICE!?!




After Striking-Out at WALMART, I headed HOMEWARD - [VIA some GROCERY-GETTING...] - to be Met with the afore-mentioned PUBLICATION-of-PLUMish-PREDICTIONS!


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