Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't Worry! -- IT's Probably Just a Meteorological Anomaly...


  • SUNNY. Yet, *not* UV-Frying.
  • 24C [75.2F]
  • NO Humidity!! - [*NONE*! Zilch! Nada!!]
  • The odd scatter of Clouds Drifting along in a Pleasant Breeze...

The "PERFECT"-Day!

-- as if IT'd just come straight out of "CENTRAL-CASTING" over at The WEATHER NETWORK!!

hey! Look! There're The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS puttering around the GARDEN and rearranging small Boulders ROCKS... BTW, just IGNORE the FRIED-FLORA, okay? - Besides, the Hanging-Laundry is much more Colourful!

Meanwhile, in "My-WORLD"...

I was *finally* able to UPLOAD My "PINS" to PINTEREST! -- Still getting that stupid ERROR MESSAGE though, but the Files are at least Loading! - [YAY!]

Also, got around to actually LOOKING AT that Pile of PAINT-CHIP-SAMPLE-PAMPHLETS
I picked up the Other Day... LOVE the Decor-Photos in those Things! - A few *Future* Colour-Combo "IDEAS" have been brewing in My BRAIN...

AND, I began "FIELD-TESTING" those *new* 6.5mm LOOP-KNITTING-NEEDLES...

IT's still a bit Early to tell, but THEY might just be the Proper-SIZE I need! - Although, the Cable could do with some Softening up...


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  1. thats a very nice red(sorry hasnt let me comment kept getting an OOPS error) hats are good


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