Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oooo!! "MONEY"! ..And, a *BUNNY*..?!

**SWEET**!! -- BONUS!!

WEATHER-wise, the Day was Starting-off "o-kay"... TEMPS in the Mid-20C. A mix of SUN and CLOUD. A Touch of HUMIDITY. "CONDITIONS" were holding Steady for an Afternoon of SHOP-FARI-ing!

Ah! "Timing"! -- That-[albeit *small*]-Cheque that I was Expecting, Arrived just *BEFORE*
We Left the HOUSE. And, although I really didn't NEED to Deposit IT just yet, MOTHER wanted to go to THE BIG MALL to pick-up a particular GREETING-CARD anyway... So, as She did THAT, I took care of Monetary-Matters...

ONCE ALL of THAT was seen to, We set out on to Our PRIMARY-SHOP-MISSION --


Ohh..!! - A various Bunch of the Those "SHOPPING-CART-STUFFERS-NOVELTY-ITEMS" are 30-40%-OFF...

Before "TAXES", the METAL SAILBOAT HOOKS came to 90-Cents-Each. - I only got 2. And, despite MOTHER's "objections", IF I get back There again, and *IF* THEY're still around at That-Price, I'm going to get MORE! -- I *LIKE* THEM!!

The BLUE & WHITE STRIPED CERAMIC COASTERS were down to $1.62 per PACK-of-TWO - [after Discounts] - Picked up FOUR! -- And, of course, THE "40%-OFF-COUPON" YARN!



We headed for the "BACK-WALL", where the
"NOTIONS" are...

I Found These Little LOOP-KNITTING-NEEDLES and the Packs of DOUBLE-POINTS!

After "Discounts", the Pre-Tax Price was 79-Cents-Each!

Nearby, were These SPOOLS of PLASTIC LACE... I remember Weaving THIS STUFF when I was a KID! -- At $1.60-Per, I wasn't going to "pass" THEM up.

BTW, the "BLUE"-ONE is *actually* a Dark "PURPLE"!!

Meanwhile, MOTHER found a few Yards of some rather Lovely Striped COTTON-SATEEN Fabric!

-- IT should be great for Making some "HOLIDAY" ITEMS...

While in the
"HOUSE-WARES" Section... I came across This 10-Inch CERAMIC BOWL and, was Literally *DRAWN* to IT!

- The eventual $1.60 Price didn't *hurt*, either!

Anyway, I'm not sure "WHY"..?

IT has absolutely NO MARKINGS. However, ITS
"Simplicity" seemed to have struck an
-Chord with Me...

Perhap, it was the Clean-Resonance of ITS "TING"..?
-- Sounds like a

Then again, IT might have been the "Musical"-Version of the SUBLIMINAL-"BUY ME! BUY ME!"-CHANT...

I'm *such* a "PUSH-OVER" for POTTERY!! -- I BLAME My Paternal-DERBY-STAFFORDSHIRE-"GENES" on *That* ONE!!

ANYHOO... We ended up spending way TOO much Time Looking at Clothing that We Didn't-Need-Or-Want-To-Buy...

Of course, IF We *hadn't*, then We would've *probably* MISSED-OUT on *FINDING* the SHINY-QUARTER in the EMPTY-PARKING-SPACE-NEXT-TO-OUR-CAR that THE-PARKING-LOT-*FAIRY* had obviously "LEFT" for Us!!

Again, "Timing"!


AS I was Approaching Our Laneway, THIS GUY "caught" My Eye!! -- IT's a "Wonder" as to HOW I managed to *SPOT* HIM in the rather HIGH SUDDEN-NEW-GROWTH-WEEDS of Our Lawn.

HE was only a Few-Feet from the *Busy* Road!

And, even at 30-Feet away, just *KNEW*
that We were
Trying to Take PICs!

HE later
munched over to the NEIGHBOURS' Garden...

Actually, I think HE might be Living under the Bush over There.


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